Dreampainter Quarter Horses
began about *blank* years ago when I was a child.
My mother always told me I would outgrow my
horse loving phase, but she could not have been
more wrong!!! I am starting on the downhill side of
my first century of life and believe my love of horses
is stronger now than it ever was. And now I feel that
I finally have the time to enjoy the company of these majestic animals.
I thank God every day for allowing me to share their lives.

There were short periods in my life where I, unfortunately,
had NO horses in my life but this did not stifle my passion
for horses in any way. It only made me want them in my life
even more . In 1995, I was living in Pahrump Nevada, and had 2
Quarter Horse mares and the most amazing Palomino Quarter Horse Stallion
that anyone could DREAM of owning.
His name was HM Dreamseeker (Goldseekin Fever x Lomino Bars)
He was bred by Harley and Marge Booton,
who at the time lived in Southern California.
Please take a moment to visit their website and see their amazing horses.
Booton Ranch is now located in beautiful Bennett Springs Missouri.
Click the name of their ranch above to be teleported to their website.
Sadly, in 1996, Dreamseeker was stolen from me and I have
never been able to take possession of him again, even though
I have known where he was since the day he was taken.
Anyway life goes on, so I eventually, through a comedy of errors.
moved to South Dakota, and began my search (and yes, obviously I FOUND them)
more the horses of my dreams, American Quarter Horses.
The TRUE American Horse!
My *Ranch* name, DreamPainter Quarter Horses,
Is but a small tribute to my former stallion, HM Dreamseeker,
who lives on in my mind forever.

Our breeding *program* is currently centered around our
stallion, Olena Supreme. He has a wonderful gelding temperament
and is easy to handle for even a small child. Anyone can ride him
and he passes his wonderful temperament and correct structure
along to his get. Supreme is a wonderful combination of Doc Olena,
Two Eyed Jack and Sir Quincy Dan bloodlines . Our mares are of varying
bloodlines but all the pedigrees are unique and should combine nicely
with Supreme, to produce an all around Quarter Horse that can do
anything from ranch work to halter classes happily and with ease.

Our main (mane...lol???) focus in breeding is temperament, with
conformation and pedigree following close behind.
As yet we have not had opportunity to get Supreme or his
foals out to any shows, due to my current work schedule,
but this summer we plan to do some team penning, playdays and
exhibitions just so he can be seen and appreciated for what he is.

~*~*~ NEWS ~*~*~

May 1, 2009
We have added a brand new stallion to the force
here at DreamPainter Quarter Horses!
A 2 year old perlino , from Pugh Quarter Horses in Miller, South Dakota.
His name is Guaranteed Gold.
Pics will be posted here and on our stallion page.
We expect great things from this boy.
Thanks to Diane Pugh for allowing him to come to live with us!

As you navigate through my site, you will see photos (most of
which were taken by ME) of my own horses, and of other
horses that are an important part of my life.
I hope that you will like what you see here at Dreampainter Quarter Horses.


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